Hey everyone!

Go on youtube, play any video, hit pause and then type down “1980”. Have a blast! 


Thank you for following

Thank you all for following, liking and reblogging.

New followers, please check the tags and archives. We have posted so much in such a short time. Lots of movies,music,videos and quotes are already posted.

Movies are tagged by name and the actors in it. Quotes are tagged by movie and actor. Music is tagged by artist. Movie trailers are tagged by movie and actors as well. Cross referencing actors to their movies should be fairly easy. If we have forgotten an actor in a certain movie please let us know.

The only thing I don’t have tagged with actor names are the screencaps those are tagged by movie. I do the screencaps myself and upload them.

You can comment on each post thru disqus. We also have a formspring and an email address for this tumblr. Feel free to use any and all to get in touch with us.


Added “christmas" tag to the links on the main page. So now you can search all the christmas stuff easily from the main page.


If you reblog please keep the credit. It’s really rude to take it off. If you don’t like the “fuck” on your blog modify it but PLEASE keep the link back and credit.

For the most part this tumblr is run with original content. I upload music and host it myself and take the time to type out and tag each post. The least you can do is keep the credit to where it came from. I always keep the credit when stuff is reblogged here(which really isn’t often).

To everyone else who keeps the credit on posts THANK YOU!!!!


I screencapped The Pick-Up Artist. I may post a bunch of screencaps from the movie. I did the framing of it too I think it turned out pretty good and I did a linkback to my tumblr since I put it all together.


I fixed some older posts that weren’t tagged right.

If you see posts not tagged like they should be please let us know in comments,formspring or email  just add the link that should be tagged better

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a very quick and short “tumblr for dummies”

1) DO NOT REMOVE ANY CREDIT. you may remove comments. credits are off limits.

2) DO NOT TELL YOUR STUPID FRIENDS ABOUT TUMBLR. we don’t need another facebook or myspace.


4) HAVE FUN. without breaking rules #1 and #2.


Wow over 400 followers…

this tumblr is only a few months old, So this is completely awesome and unexpected.

To all of you new followers welcome and thank you for following. We have lots of tags on posts so feel free to check out the tags on the homepage as well as the tags on each post. We have lots of stuff posted already. Movie trailers, movie posters, music and lots of movie quotes. We also have a formspring for this tumblr and an email. We LOVE submissions from you guys. Feel free to share with us your ’80s finds.

If you would like to contribute regularly we are always looking for people to do that too. Email or formspring or even comment in the disqus area with your email address

Thanks again to all you followers for reblogging and liking our posts it means a lot to us (especially since it helps get the word out about our little tumblr here).


Hey everyone

I hope you enjoyed the 80’s rock spam… I am going to do a bit of 80s Billy Joel now


hey everyone, I am going to be doing a 80’s rock (hair band) spam. I need to rerip cds(as per usual with my last music spam). I have been busy the past few days I had trouble with my tumblr so i had deleted it and started a new one so I am trying to get that sorted with the people i had been following and all that.

I don’t have my tumblr listed on the main page of this tumblr but if u’d like to follow feel free. CLICK ME



wow I didn’t expect that. This tumblr has only been around since September. It’s grown quickly.

If you want to contribute feel free to sumbit anything http://fuckyeah1980s.tumblr.com/submit or email it to fuckyeah1980s@tumblr.com If you would like to contribute regularly send your email address to fckyeah1980s@gmail.com or send thru the formspring http://www.formspring.com/forms/?698952-1hJQoO5vko

Also don’t forget to check the tags, lots of stuff is posted. We’ve tried to tag posts pretty well so you can find all posts easily by group, celebrity, movie, or subject

Thank you all for following.


Hello New Followers

Welcome :) Lots of stuff is already posted so check tags. I am in the middle of a 80’s music spam. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to submit your fave 80’s stuff if you don’t see it here I love submissions.


Thank you all for following!! Don’t forget to check the tags on posts. There are lots of tags on posts so you can find things easily. Especially for those of you who are new followers there are lots and lots of posts, soundtrack songs, different movie quotes, and don’t forget there is a formspring for this tumblr and feel free to submit anything. formspring: http://www.formspring.com/forms/?698952-1hJQoO5vko Submit: http://fuckyeah1980s.tumblr.com/submit


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